Data Flash: Write to flash from diferent block of flash


I use the RX62n and the Renesas Flash API.

Writing to the dataFlash block BLOCK_DB0 or BLOCK_DB1 from the RAM, e.g. a local array with some variables, is no problem via R_FlashWrite() Function. Everything works fine.

Now I want to write to the dataFlash block BLOCK_DB0 from an other dataFlash block (BLOCK_DB1). So basicly a copy from Block BLOCK_DB1 to Block BLOCK_DB0. If I first read from BLOCK_DB1 to a local array and then write from the local array to BLOCK_DB0 it works just fine.

If I try to write directly from block BLOCK_DB1 to BLOCK_DB0 (write from start address to start address) then no error is returned, but the block BLOCK_DB0 contains only zeros.

Any idea what the problem is? Is it even possible to do that without first reading and readit in the RAM?