It seems that the Micrium uCOS-III example project (Embedded Workbench 6.0 Kickstart\rl78\examples\Micrium\Software\EvalBoards\Renesas\YRDKRL78G13\IAR\uCOS-III) has some problems with the ST7579 driver when I try to run it on a YRDKRL78G13 rev 2.1 board.

The following file runs fine on rev 2.0 but not on rev 2.1:

.....\Embedded Workbench 6.0 Kickstart\rl78\examples\Micrium\Software\EvalBoards\Renesas\YRDKRL78G13\IAR\BSP\GlyphLib\Drivers\ST7579_LCD.C

The factory demo runs fine so I had a look at the difference between that ST7579_LCD.C and the ST7579_LCD from the uCOS-III and spotted a difference.

In the factory demo version there's a function added called No_Clobber_Axes and there were also some changes in the write function (draw and erase code modified).

When I use the ST7579_LCD.C (and .h) from the factory demo in the uCOS-III it works fine.

Can anyone confirm this issue?

Best regards,

Sjoerd Brandsma