R5F6411FNLG programming help needed

Dear friends , hello to all :)

i need your knowledge about R5F6411FNLG processor.

My problem is my cameras firmware update failed and i bricked a lens olympus 12mm

and olympus software not dedects lens no more and no way to use olympus software.

i checked inside mcu is R5F6411FNLG , i have segger jtag but this mcu is not in list.

camera pinout is attached and i have firmware file.

How can i programme this file to my lens back? OL103011.rar

  • Flash programming of R32C/111 is described in the device hardware user's manual (chapter 25).

    Programming is done via UART1. The connections of the lens don't indicate which UART is being used.

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    İ checked pdf but its so much detailed for me, if this port not have ueat how olympus can make firmwsre update ?

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    Olympus can implement their own flash programming routine in the lens firmware, and then they can use whatever interface they like. But of course, if the update crashes it has a high probability that the device is dead.
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    Can u please check this article for ne :(
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    This protocol cannot be used to reprogram a completely erased device. It describes the protocol used by the Olympus software which does not work any more.
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    if u help me i can desolder chip and find pins for programme.
    I have bga machine .
    And as programmer upa , xprog, segger jtag, elnec bee prog.
    Also i have rs232 and lpt ports at my computer.

    i need only which pins i have to find , and which software and hardware i have to use.

    Thank you so much for all info already

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    The hardware user's manual I mentioned earlier says exactly which pins to use for serial mode programming.

    Elnec do not have an adapter for R32C/111 in LGA package. They support it only in QFP.

    From Segger only Flasher 5 supports programming of R32C in serial mode.

    You can build an own adapter so you can use the PC UART and don't need a programmer hardware. Use Standard Serial Mode 2, which is using UART. Place a MAX232 or similar between the PC UART and R32C to adjust the signal levels. A long time ago there was a Mitsubishi MF-TenNine cable as adapter. I attach the circuit diagram for it.

    As software you should use Renesas FDT. This incudes support for R32C.


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    i desoldered mcu today , problem is at datasheet there are so many rxd txd pins

    (0- to 8)

    which pins i have to use ?

    another question  my xtal connected pins A5 and B6.

    Gnd pins D1,D2,D3,D4,D5,C5,E5,F5,G5,H5,J5,K5

    Vcc pins C1 ,C2

    C2 is vdc1 but none of my gnd pins are declared as Vss at datasheet pinout.

    AS i und i have to use rxd1 and txd1 .Because u said me its using uart uart1. Am i right?

    And when i open my dump with renesas programming software it shows all FF why ?

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    And im planing to use this rs232 usb ttl converter
    İs it ok?
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    Please see chapter 25.4 for flash programming in serial mode, table 25.21 for pin connections.

    Chrystal is connected to E1-F2.
    Vss is on F3 and E8.
    CNVss on D2 must be pulled up.

    I hope I marked all relevant pins.

    I don't see what you mean on the pinterest page but it is probably OK.

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     i mad e wrong alignment about chip pins.now i corrected and it seems my xtal location is ok.

    i dedected pins.

    i will put mcu back and report u .

    But u didnt answer my question about renesas programming software.

    when i load my file it shows all FF :(

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    Sorry, I cannot answer the question about the programming software as I (a) am not sure which software you use and (b) don't know your memory dump.
    I assume you mean FDT software. The message window should say which memory areas have been read like this:
    FCF Settings Applied: R5F64535, (C:\Tool\Renesas\FDT4.09\kernels\ProtD\R5F64535\Renesas\1_0_00\)
    This kernel will set the E2 Data Flash as ECC OFF
    Opening file Z:\_SharedDirectory\WorkSpace\FDT\1MB_FFF00000.mot
    File loaded: 0xFFF00000 -> 0xFFFFFFFF [User Flash]
    File loaded: 0x00060000 -> 0x00061FFF [Data Flash]
    File loaded: 0x00062000 -> 0x00063FFF [E2 Data Flash]
    ID Code = 0xC3 0x46 0x0F 0x85 0x70 0xF4 0x4E
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    Can u please mark to me rx and tx pins from picture :(

    Because im very confused about pinout :(

    Left down side is dot of mcu also xtal position is clear at pic down.

    Thank you already

    <a href=''><img src='' type='image'></a>

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    I'm sorry, where is the problem?
    RxD is P6_6 and TxD is P6_7 which are not too difficult to find in the pin map I sent earlier.
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    i connected them and no connection. reset pin low , all vcc and vss pins are conected . im using software which u send me .
    are there any development board i can buy, maybe i will change mcu and programme there. or any other solutions do u have for me?
    also for new mcu i couldnt find seller