What is registration ID for submitting the project?

Is it my username used to submit the abstract?

According to


6.1. The participant must include everything from the Abstract to all other relevant flowcharts, photographs, videos, tables, graphs, etc. The text description should be more extensive than what the participant included in the Abstract. The Complete Documentation should fully explain the development process and function of the Project. Each participant’s Complete Documentation must include:

a) Project Registration ID at the top of the first page or in a header/footer;

what is this?

I only have Login/Password  that I Use here:


please reply.

  • I am too confused with this. i don't know which is the project registration ID. can anyone help..?

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    hi charge 91,

    same question here

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    Well, this isn't helping...I'm almost ready with my documentation and stuck with this step.

    It's vital as per the regulations to mention ID.

    Are there any officials or senior members on this forum who can shed some light regarding this ?

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    Charge 91 is right.

    The registration id is the LOGIN ID (email id) that was used to register to renesas.electronicsforu.com.

    To make it simple and unique, you just have to mention your login id which will be your registration id.

    Hope the above clears your doubt.


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    Yes, I just confirmed from efy today as well.Thanks!

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    Thank you very much for this information.

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    In the rules, it mentions -

    'h) Do NOT put the participant’s name on any materials. Participants who leave their names in headers, footers, table of contents pages, schematics, etc. may be disqualified. Unique ‘Registration ID’ and Project name will completely identify the Project work.'

    It strictly says, don't use participant name. But my registration id (email id) is my complete name. I just want to double check before submitting, to avoid any disqualification. I am using project name as file name and email id in the page header. Please suggest. thank you.


    File name: <project name>. pdf

    Page header <email Id> <project name>

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    Sorry, I am supposed to ask this question in Gadget Renesas 2015 contest. Please ignore. thank you.